7 Signs of Teacher Burnout Presentation

Are you feeling signs of teacher burnout?

overworked teacher in front of her computer














Overworked teacher in front of her computer.


Watch this presentation to learn more about teacher burnout and how  I may be able to help you

become a teacher in transition to a new career.




Can you relate to the information offered in this presentation? If so, you may want to take the next step.

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Still on the fence? Keep reading.

What I know for sure is that teacher burnout can be debilitating. You may be feeling dozens of different

emotions. You probably feel regret, guilt, and fear. Oh, you feel loads of fear.

Deciding to stay with teaching as your profession or to go in a

different direction is a tough decision to make.

Are you one of those teachers who knew from the age of five that you wanted to teach? In

that case, you now feel more than a little deflated.

There is no getting around this one fact, however. Teaching isn't as much fun as it used to be.

When you realize you aren't enjoying teaching anymore, that's when teacher burnout creeps in.

Not sure if you are experiencing burnout? Download the free checklist of the 7 signs of

teacher burnout and check yourself.
















7 Signs of Teacher Burnout Checklist

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It is especially frustrating if you find yourself assigned to a challenging school with lots

of discipline issues. The problem is worse if the administration in your building fails to provide the support you need.


The bottom line is if you are struggling with the question of whether or not to leave teaching,

we need to talk. Teachers are not the only professionals who get burned out, though.

For mid-career professionals who are tired of the corporate grind, you need help, too!

Do you need help with your stress? We can talk about that too.

First, check yourself with this free stress self-assessment tool. If you answer 10 or more

questions "yes," you need to take care of your stress level immediately.

Stress Assessment Tool


















Stress Assessment Tool

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If you have 10 or more "yes" answers, download this free cheat sheet and the free eBook below:


Stress "Cheat Sheet"

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Download this free eBook on how to manage your stress

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Stressed, Stretched, and Just Plain Overwhelmed

Stressed, Stretched, and  Just Plain Overwhelmed eBook

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As a Certified Stress Management Coach, I can help you with your stress overload.


And as a trained Career Transition and Job Search Coach, I can help you if you have decided it's time to go.

My mission is to assist as many teachers as I can transition from intolerable work situations into the job or

career of their dreams.


To learn the (at least) 10 things you need to consider as you undertake a job or career change,

check out this free eBook:






















Advice for the career changer or job seeker.

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To learn how to get started, make an appointment right now for a complimentary

20-minute Discovery Session.

Let's see where you are on the question of is it time to stay or go.

I want to help you as you consider your future.













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7 Signs of Teacher Burnout


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