5 Reasons To Identify Your True Calling In Life If You Want to Be Happy
Rev. Dr. Kitty Boitnott, NBCT, RScP
Heart-Centered Career Transition & Job Search Coach | Life Strategies and Stress Management Coach
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Many people are eager to uncover or discover their life purpose or calling. Everyone wants to feel fulfilled. And living your true calling is critical to that pursuit. Most people confront this question at one point or another. If you haven't started to feel concerned about this question yet, don't worry. You will.
In case you have started to have questions around this area, here are some suggestions for how you might identify your true calling.

1. Recognize and Unlock Your Potential


unlock your true potential

Knowing your purpose unlocks your potential. We all have talents that come to us naturally. Those talents make the process of living your purpose easier. Think about how easy certain tasks are for you when you have to work so hard at other tasks. Those things that you come to you easily can help you identify your purpose.

2. Recognize and Get in Touch with Your True Passion

Living your purpose leads to living a life that is in tune with your passion. That passion then extends to other areas of your life. Think about the life you are leading right now. Are you living your purpose with passion? Here is a clue. If the work you do leaves you exhausted rather than exhilarated, then you may be in the wrong line of work.
If you hate your job, it doesn’t matter how high you climb the career ladder. If you are working in an area that isn’t your calling, then you’re unlikely to feel any joy from it. You may be happy with increases in pay, a corner office, and a boost in responsibilities… but it doesn’t last long. Chasing the next promotion rather than feeling good about the work you do in the long run leads to a sad existence. Don't put making a living more important than making a happy and satisfying life.
love your life


3. Consider Your Attitude about Abundance

Abundance doesn’t mean just material wealth. When you live in alignment with your real purpose and passion, you feel abundant. Success will come a bit easier, and you won’t be so concerned with the trappings of wealth. Instead, you will focus on living the purpose, which will bring you happiness. Abundance is a happy by-product.

4. What Will Be the Contribution You Make to the World?

Your purpose doesn’t just benefit you. It also allows you to make valuable contributions to the world at large. Typically, true callings have a side effect. For example, you might be a lawyer. Maybe you became a lawyer to help others, but you got caught up in the part of practicing law that brings you a lot of money. To fulfill your calling, you can take that degree and work for a non-profit. Or you could choose to work in a firm that focuses on freeing innocent people.
Maybe you could encourage your firm to take on a certain number of pro bono cases each year. There are many ways to honor your true calling without forsaking your entire life. Only you can determine whether that’s enough for you. Ultimately, pursuing your calling allows you to improve the world around you.
believe in yourself


5. Assess Your Relationships & Your Health

Every aspect of your life is affected when you don’t live your purpose or find your true calling. That includes your relationships. How? Well, it makes you unhappy, and if you're unhappy, it’s difficult to make others happy.
If you are currently single, then it may affect your ability to attract the right type of person into your life. When you are feeling frustrated and miserable, that tends to rub off on others.
Your health is no different. When you don’t enjoy what you do, or you are living contrary to your real purpose, you are likely anxious and stressed.
Starting to live your up to your calling will provide you with more energy. You’ll become more passionate about life and everything in it. A lot of people don’t realize the toll their wrong choices have on them until they make a change.
Feeling stressed out and running on empty affects your health and overall wellness. Your immune system becomes compromised. You are more likely to pick up every bug that is going around. And your body aches at the thought of getting up to go to work. It might be your typical, but it certainly isn’t healthy.
You have heard me say it before, and it warrants repeating. Your health is everything. So, take care of yourself, and remember that you are a "whole" person, which means you can't separate your work from the rest of your life. If you are unhappy in your job, it will affect everything else, including your satisfaction, your relationships, and your well-being.
your health is everything
Spending time to think about your true calling and living up to your potential is time well spent. So, take some time during this holiday season to assess your level of happiness right now. If you need to make some changes, now is an excellent time to make them with 2020 right around the corner.
Think about it! We are about to enter a new decade! How do you want your life to shape up in the second decade of this century? Are you thinking of your long-term impact? Are you considering what your legacy will be at the end of your life? These are important questions. I urge you to spend some time thinking about them.
Until next time.
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