Chart Your Course

Charting Your Course

Kitty Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT, RScP

Career Transition & Job Search Coach | Career "Makeover" Coach

I am still working through Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy's best-selling book, Living Forward:  A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting to Get the Life Your Want, and today, as a follow-up to last week's message about setting priorities, I want to talk about making plans...charting your course, so to speak.

In today's video message, I talk about my memory of my dad sitting at the kitchen table charting out the course of our various summer vacations. I have spoken in the past of his penchant for just hopping in the car and heading off on a spontaneous trip, but I had this flash today of him sitting at the kitchen table pouring over his maps charting the course for trips that he planned for our family.

He loved his maps, and he had all kinds of maps of every description. He would put on his glasses (or his watch repair magnifying glass) to check out the routes that he wanted to take. He would mark interesting side trips that we might want to take if we had the time. He really enjoyed mapping out the trips almost as much as he seemed to enjoy the trips themselves.

In their book, Hyatt and Harkavy point out the importance of each of us charting the courses of our individual lives. Consider where you want to go, and then work backward...that way you have a sense of what you need to do now to get there...wherever "there" happens to be for you.

Do you need to take steps to improve your health? What steps do you need to take in order to make that happen?

Do you want to make a career move but you aren't sure where to start? How long will you let your inertia keep you from taking the steps you need to take?

Do you need to make a change in your relationship? If so, what is holding you back? Fear? Uncertainty? 

You are the architect of your own life. Last week, I wrote about the importance of setting your priorities and knowing what they are. This week i challenge you to consider what you need to do in order to chart your course so that you can achieve the life you want and deserve in every arena.

Don't settle. It doesn't serve you and it doesn't serve the world.

Chart your course for big things and then figure out what you need to do in order to get you there.

Until next time.

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