Creative Ways to Stay Mindful

Rev. Dr. Kitty Boitnott, NBCT, RScP

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We are hearing more and more about the importance--and the benefits--of practicing more mindfulness in our lives. You may already know that to live a fulfilling life, being mindful is essential. What you may not know, however, is that there are creative ways to stay present besides practicing daily meditation. Below are some creative ways you can work on being more mindful every day. 


Slow Down 

slow down


In today's busy world, it is common for people to live a fast-paced lifestyle. And while it can be fun to be busy sometimes, you need to take life more slowly to stay mindful. This can be as simple as listening to a podcast instead of responding to emails while on your commute. Or when you are on your lunch break while at work, resolve not to do anything work-related for the entire break. You can even slow down just by spending a quiet afternoon on the couch reading a book. You can do whatever you want. Make sure you allow yourself time to slow down and be more mindful. 


Put Down Your Phone 


cell phone


Our phones have become more of a constant companion than something we spend a few minutes on each day. To be more mindful, put your phone away for various amounts of time during your busy day. For example, try not to scroll through social media on your work break and spend time evaluating how you feel instead. Also, make sure to put your phone away when spending time with loved ones so you can be more present here and now.


Make A Real Effort To Listen



Sometimes, when someone is talking, your thoughts drift, or you may be scrolling on your phone instead of listening. It's time to stop this habit and try listening to someone when speaking to you. Not only will this help strengthen your relationship with this person, but it will also make sure you don't miss something they may be trying to tell you. In addition, this will help keep you more focused on what is essential in life.


Overall, it can sometimes seem difficult to stay mindful. Make it easier on yourself by employing more creative manners of staying mindful such as slowing down, putting down your phone, and spending time listening. All these things are easy to apply to your life and will help keep you mindful.


Staying mindful in your life will help you to enjoy yourself more thoroughly and to get the most out of the one life you have to live. Strive to be more mindful in your life and enjoy the benefits.


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