Eight "Bad" Habits That May Be Good for You
Rev. Dr. Kitty Boitnott, NBCT, RScP
Heart-Centered Career Transition and Job Search Coach | Stress Management Coaching
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You have read in recent weeks about the harm certain "bad habits" can do to your mind, body, and spirit, but consider that some "bad" habits may be good for you.
Sadly, our parents sometimes punished us for engaging in some of these habits. So let's look at eight "bad" habits that may be good for you.
1. Fidgeting - If you tend to fidget and wiggle a lot, your mom probably tried to stop you when you were a kid. Your partner might try to dissuade you, too. However, fidgeting can be good for you since it burns more calories and keeps your blood moving. This is especially true if you have a job that requires a lot of sitting. Since sitting is possibly worse for you than smoking,  anything that can undo that damage is good, right?
There are even fidget devices that you can buy!
2. Gum Chewing - Sugarless gum can also be good for you. If you have the right dental work or you still have your own teeth, chewing gum also burns calories, helps you eat less, freshens your breath, and cuts down on cavities. So, several benefits can be had by chewing sugarless gum.
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3. Video Games - Playing video games helps develop fine motor skills and keep the mind agile. In addition, some reports say that video games can help relieve chronic pain. It helps by taking your mind off the problem at hand.
Man and young boy playing video game
4. Daydreaming - Finding a way to allow your mind to get bored enough to let it wander and daydream is good for your mind and your various goals in life. You cannot create amazing goals if you can't daydream!
Daydreaming student
5. Swearing - Maybe you had a swear jar growing up. Or maybe you were threatened with having your mouth washed out with soap if you said a swear word.
Swearing is considered socially inappropriate, but studies show that people who swear on occasion tend to feel less stress in their lives.

Remember that swearing is entirely different from a slur.

A slur is something you say about a person and is never okay, while a swear word is just a curse word - otherwise known as an expletive. Your favorite swear word may be only four letters, and you don't want to use it indiscriminately, but it can serve as a release valve on occasion and in moderation.
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6. Messiness - If you are naturally messy, take heart; you're likely also creative. Studies show that messiness can sometimes be a sign of creativity.
If you want to be more creative, you don't want to purposely become messy--but realize that sometimes being naturally messy goes with being naturally creative. And that is not something to feel bad about.
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7. Sleeping in - They say that "the early bird gets the worm," but do they? Sleeping well and enough each night is essential to your overall health and brain function. So it's okay if you stay up late and need to sleep in. It may be good for you.
woman sleeping in
8. Passing Gas and belching - Everyone farts and burps every single day. Passing gas is good for you because it's a normal body function that removes built-up gas from your digestive tract. It helps to prevent bloating and pain. When my mom was in the hospital the last time, we eagerly awaited her ability to pass gas. Her inability to do so created complications for her medical condition. 
We encourage babies to burp after they have eaten for a reason.
happy women sitting and burping
We just need to be discreet when in public or in social situations.
You don't want to do some of these things when other people are around, but it's okay to accept them as part of who you are and a part of life. Knowing that these "habits" are good for you may allow you to feel free to choose which habits you want to keep and which you might want to eliminate.
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