Explore Your Passion to Help You Find Your Purpose--and Maybe Your Next Job
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"The person born with a talent they are meant to use will find their greatest happiness in using it." 
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When it comes to finding your true purpose in life, what you already have a talent for might be a big hint.


But what if you have hidden--or perhaps even forgotten--talents you haven't utilized yet?


Exploring your talents, even those that you've forgotten, can go a long way toward helping you find your purpose. We all have talents that we use every day.


Unfortunately, these talents are usually so easy to use that we don't even think about having them. We may take them totally for granted.


Isn't your purpose deeper than simply using your talents?


Perhaps not.


Using your natural talents as a part of your purpose can be the key to finding deep joy in your life. 


Why do we make confident choices and enjoy only certain activities? Why are we better at some things but not others? 


When you understand your unique talents, you learn why you make certain choices. For example, you discover why you enjoy specific activities and perform better at certain ones. 


When you explore your talents, you can see your purpose more clearly. 


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Your natural talents may point to what you are meant to do with your life. 


Of course, there are different talents:  inherent ones, those you are born with, and acquired ones, those you work at.


Both types, regardless of what they are, take practice. 


As Stephen King said, "Talent is cheaper than table salt but what separates the talented individual from the successful one is hard work."


Talent has a way of guiding you towards your purpose in life if you let it. It gives you clues as to what your goal is.


Everyone has talent in something. But unfortunately, most people don't dare to follow their talents because fear holds them back.


Or they don't believe their talents are their reason for being.


You are more likely to find your purpose when you follow your talents.


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But what happens when we don't know what our talents are? Maybe they've become hidden over the years due to the stagnation of not using them? 


In this series of posts on passion and purpose, you will discover how to identify your talents and align them with your purpose.


Exploring Your Talents


Experts tell you to use your talents to become successful and live your purpose. But what if you don't know exactly what your abilities are?


Or maybe you have hidden talents you aren't utilizing. So how do you tap into those to find your purpose?


There are many ways to explore your talents. Here are 11 suggestions to help get you started.


1)  Online Quizzes.


Many online quizzes are designed to help you explore your hidden or long-forgotten talents. Some are for fun, while others get you thinking about your talents. 


Check out these quizzes and questionnaires:


· What's Your True Passion?


· What's Your Secret Talent? 


· Who Are You Meant To Be, Self-Assessment Quiz 1


2) Along the same lines as online quizzes are the personality tests.


These tests are an objective way to understand what makes you tick. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is one of the more popular ones that help you define the patterns in your personality. Once you realize what category you are in, you'll begin to see where your strengths and weaknesses are in everyday life.


Use these to develop your talents towards your purpose.


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3) Ask trusted friends what they think your best and worst qualities are.


Your true friends will be honest about your qualities. Next, ask them what your "superpowers" are. Your superpower is your talent that is closely related to your passion.


Superpowers are anything that lights you up, as few other things can. 


4) Different friends will probably all say the same thing.


Hearing how different people see you in the same light is enlightening. It is an indicator of your talent. Use their perspectives of your natural talents to work on the worst qualities.


Say, for example, use your compassionate nature to slow down, breathe and have good conversations if you tend to be on the chatty side. 


5) What makes you feel strong?


Do you have times when everything feels effortless and light, or do you have the answer or find the answer?


When you have this sense of ease, this is your inner talent coming out. Notice when you feel most vital. Create more opportunities to feel strong and fulfilled. This is a talent that may lead to your purpose. 


6) Ask your relatives what you loved to do as a child.


Sometimes we forget the simple things that we spent our time doing as kids as we get older. Maybe you played alone, made up stories, were always in a group of friends, drew, acted out scenes, played baseball, constantly had your nose in a book.


These things are likely things you still enjoy. 


7) Look for what you spend the most money on, aside from the necessities.


Use a free application like Mint to go back over your finances to notice where you spend money. This shows you what you value.


Maybe your most significant expense has been the group fitness class you love over the past year. Or perhaps the hoards of yarn you bought for your knitting projects.


Either case can lead to your purpose. The fitness lover could become a fitness teacher or coach, helping others become fit. The knitter can become a teacher or creator of quality products that raise the spirits of others.


8) Keep track of your thoughts and ideas in a journal.


Let your thoughts flow freely each morning by writing in a journal. Stream of consciousness writing is effective at finding and seeing your talents.


Go back and re-read your writing after a week or two. You'll notice where your thoughts circle back to one idea.


This is usually where your talents and desires are.


Look for hidden answers in your writing.


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What are you missing or longing for? What opportunities do you want to happen? Create a list of your strengths and list the opportunities to create your goals that are aligned with your talents.


9) Get inspired by the talents of others.


Sometimes seeing the talents of others makes you realize what you're good at too. On the other hand, if you see a talent in others that makes you feel envious, use it to your advantage. Ask the other person to mentor you or advise you about your talent.


Seeing talent in others opens up opportunities and connections and helps you define your talents.


10) Look at your music, book, or movie collections.


The things we consume say what we value. Glance through your collections to see what is one resonating idea, what lights your fire? Is there some way you can use this talent? How can you connect with others who enjoy the same things?


11) Remember when you have been thanked for something.


When someone thanks you, you have helped them in some way. Notice what you are thanked for most often. Are you a good teacher? Is listening well your talent? Can you motivate others?


These may seem like minor talents, but you are living your purpose when you use them to help others and yourself.


Discovering your talent comes from looking at what comes naturally to you, asking others what they see as your talents, and doing some soul searching. Once you find your talents, it's easier to know how to use them to fulfill your purpose.


We'll explore more about that next time.


Until then.

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