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How Taking Positive Action Can Improve Your Whole Life Experience
Rev. Dr. Kitty Boitnott, NBCT, RScP
Heart-Centered Career Transition & Job Search Coach | Life Strategies Coach
Do you consider yourself a positive, "glass-half-full" kind of person? Or do you find that no matter how good things may be in your life, you can usually find something wrong about which you are only too happy to complain?
I dare say that no one is always as chipper and upbeat as the fictional movie character Pollyanna. And likewise, no one is as consistently crabby as The Christmas Carol's Ebenezer Scrooge before his conversion (thank goodness!).

Most of us tend to fall somewhere in between.

But what if I told you that studies show that practicing positivity will improve your overall life experience--guaranteed? Would you believe me, or would you pooh-pooh the idea as a bunch of nonsense?
Well, buckle up if you are one of my naysaying, skeptical friends. At least one study from Johns Hopkins University has shown that people with a family history of heart disease who also have a positive outlook on life are one third less likely to have a heart attack than those with a more negative outlook on life.
And as if that news weren't good enough, studies also show that you can become more positive in your outlook with just a little practice.

When you commit yourself to have positive thoughts and taking positive actions, you reap huge rewards

positive mind positive thoughts
If you aren't a naturally happy, bubbly personality, you can make small changes with just a little effort. For example...
  • Try smiling more.


  • Practice reframing situations when something goes wrong. Look for the "silver lining" in instead of brooding over things that appear bad. 


  • Spend less time on "what might have been" and look for the blessings in the lessons learned along the way.


  • Build resiliency by practicing mindfulness and self-care strategies.
When you have a desire, a dream, or a vision, it is essential that you set small, achievable goals. Strive to make them manageable so they will be easier to achieve.
Once you have achieved a small goal, your confidence will grow, and you will be able to achieve a bigger goal.

How to Develop the Right Mind-Set to Reach your Goals


Have you ever noticed anyone in your life that is happy a lot of the time? Have you also noticed that this individual also seems to have an apparently happier life experience as well? Well, that may be because having the right mindset and being positive is the key to real and lasting happiness.


You may have heard me say this before, and I will say it again and again. No matter what happens, we each have the power to choose our thoughts about any single event. Furthermore, developing the right mindset will help you reach your goals quicker and with more ease.




you always have a choice


Work is Involved, But You Can Do It!


Just as with anything else in life that is worth having, developing the right mindset involves some effort on your part. The good news is that this kind of effort is not physically taxing. It more a matter of training your brain.


If you have trouble managing your thoughts, consider this example. Look at the image below. Look familiar? If not, you are probably too young to remember that us old folks used cassette tapes like this one to record music and other material back in the day before cellphones. We might have recorded a lecture or an interview, for example. Or we might have recorded music from the radio onto the cassette.


cassette tape 



The sound we were recording scrambled the magnetic tape and imprinted the materials on it. As long as we didn't break the tab on the cassette, we could record over the tape as many times as we wanted and while the quality of the recording might degrade over time, we could still record over it time after time after time.


Think of your brain as the magnetic tape inside that cassette. Imagine all of the different "sounds" and messages that have been recorded on that tape over time. Your brain is like that. It has trillions of memories and thoughts and beliefs ingrained in it from the earliest moments in your life. The recording started the moment you were born.


But imagine wanting to erase some unpleasant memories or experiences so you can live a happier, more peaceful life. Wouldn't it be great if you could do that? Well, guess what? You CAN!


You can take control of your thought patterns and reframe old experiences in any way you want.


And you can record over the past memories or delete old memories to help create happier thoughts and thus more joyful experiences.


As you think happier, more positive thoughts, you will also find it easier to take affirmative action that can improve your overall life experience.


 think happy thoughts


To start, you must commit to making an effort every single day to listen to how many times the voice of negativity comes to visit you. When you hear yourself starting to complain, remember that you are about to sabotage your success. 


Instead of giving in to the negativity, look deeply into that thought and see if there is anything useful in it for you. For example, if you are feeling fearful about starting a new endeavor, listen deeply, and see if there is any validity to the fear. If not, then chalk it up to self-sabotaging talk and move forward.


Retrain Your Brain


Pretend that your brain is like that cassette tape. The negative thoughts are what has been recorded on the tape. But you can record over the tape with new, more positive thoughts and thus replace the old negativity all together.


Start making it a habit to reframe your life experience. Instead of dwelling on the possibility that you might fail, consider what good will come to you if you succeed!


Now, I won't kid you. Retraining your brain takes practice. You need to commit to practicing it every day. But consider that it is time to get rid of "stinkin' thinkin'" and to replace the negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones.


It will help if you get in the habit of using positive affirmations or mantras. Affirming positive thoughts will help you to retrain your brain. It may feel a little awkward at first. But stick with it.  Positive affirmations really do work.


Align Yourself with Success


key keep believing yourself



Most of us have goals. The difference between those who succeed and those who fail are those who succeed are willing to try consistently without giving up.


If you are afraid of failure, see how you can turn that around. Maybe failure is a way of learning, but never trying will not equate success.


Align yourself with success by taking on new things. Network in different places. Attend seminars. Take classes to boost your skillset and your confidence. Try something new you have never done before, like public speaking, painting, or dancing.


Set yourself up for success. Put yourself in places where you are bound to succeed. Learn to recognize that even if you fail once or twice at first, the mere fact that you are trying aligns you with success.


Once you have succeeded in making smaller steps, you will feel more confident to take on more and more eventually reaching those coveted goals.


So, here is to a happier you!!!


Until next time.


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