Making Your Purpose a Passionate Part of Your Life Every Day

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"Follow your own passion - not your parents,' not your teachers' - yours." ~ Robert Ballard


If you have been following this series on living your life with passion and purpose, I hope you have also given extra thought to your passion and purpose in life.


I also hope you have taken the time to consider the unique talents and aptitudes that make you uniquely YOU. 


All these things help to inform a richer, more fulfilling life, which is what I want for you.


Before you can connect your passion and purpose to your life's work, you have to figure out how to live it passionately every day. That means living a life that brings you joy and connects you with the most profound aspects of your true character.


Purpose is defined as your "why."


What is your why existential question


It is your motivation--your justification for doing what you do. It is purposeful work that contributes profoundly to the world and allows you to use your skills and talents in the most productive way possible.


Following your purpose and living a passionate life allows you to offer value to others. 


Victor Strecher, a behavioral scientist at the University of Michigan's School of Public Health, wrote a book called Life on Purpose. He says, "The dynamic process of aligning yourself with your life purpose requires energy and willpower:  wind in your sails to move you forward, and a strong rudder to prevent being blown off course."


The "wind" that allows your sails to move you forward includes adopting a healthy lifestyle. Your day-to-day routine should include sleeping enough, eating well for good nutrition, and getting plenty of exercise each week.


It also means being present in your everyday life by using practices like meditation or prayer.


Meditation at sunrise


A healthy lifestyle influences every other area of your life. Along with a healthy lifestyle, though, is the need to take action and be aware of every choice or decision you make related to your purpose. 


In this post, you'll see how you can incorporate your purpose into your life every day. Look at your goals. Visualize what you want. Develop a lifestyle that supports you. And take action daily. Here are some other recommendations:


Focus on Small Changes in Small Increments


"If you feel like there's something out there that you're supposed to be doing if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it." ~ Wanda Sykes


Now that you're ready to live a life based on your passion and purpose, you may feel prepared to take the next big step. But hold on a second. Take a deep breath before you jump in too fast. Otherwise, you may feel overwhelmed and unable to follow through.


Focus on making small incremental changes in your daily habits. Making slow progress is the most reliable way to create any change in your life that will last. When trying to reach a new goal, like running a marathon, you set a pace to reach a small step.


Look to the future. What does the end of your journey look like? What is the legacy you want to leave at the end of your life? What does your life look like when you have reached your ultimate goal? Can you see it? Now make a plan on how to get there.


What can you do today to get started on your purpose?


Writing note showing Do not  wait until tomorrow


Do you need to make a new plan or set some new goals? Are there people who you need to connect with before you start? What small step can you take today toward your passion? What resources do you need? 


Remind yourself of your purpose each day.


Every morning and evening, remind yourself of your purpose, look to the future, and feel the excitement. You can do this by rereading your goal, having a vision board, or journaling each day.


Put a reminder on your bathroom mirror or refrigerator to keep it top of mind several times daily.


Track your progress. Keep a journal listing your wins and losses. How can you create more success and prevent making future failures? Appreciate each step along the way.


Let others know you've found your purpose. Tell and show others what you are doing. Practice putting your purpose into your daily activities. How can you communicate the importance of your purpose to others in your life? You are the messenger, not just a worker in your purpose.


For example, if you know your life purpose is to create joy in other people's lives through your art, your plan might include:

  • Teaching others to paint.
  • Taking others on retreats that include art sessions.
  • Hosting a tour at the local art gallery.


Put in the work.


Living your life purpose will not happen magically. You have to take action and put into practice what needs to happen to make your life purpose a reality.


Making a difference and being passionate about your purpose takes effort and time. Don't let the magnitude of your dreams become overwhelming for you. Do a little work each day, and the results will come faster than you expect. And it will be worth it.


Until next time.


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