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It is hard to believe we are already at January 5, 2016! The days are flying by, and the years seem to go faster and faster for me...what about you?

What I love about this time of year is that it represents fresh starts...fresh many ways.

Numerologists point out that when you add up the numbers, 2+0+1+6, you get 9.

In terms of numerology, 9 is the number of completion.

Specifically, some have suggested that 2016 may be a year for completion...for rest and forgiveness.

So, I want you to think for a moment about what areas of your life warrant you completing them so you can let them go and get on to your fresh start.

What about forgiveness? Is there someone in your life that you are holding a grudge against because of a real or perceived wrong that they did to you? Are you finding it difficult to release the hurt feelings? Do you want something bad to happen to another person who might have done you wrong?

Right now, the entire world seems to be caught up in the endless cycle of tit for tat. 

Let's face it...the war in Iraq was created out of a sense of wanting to get back at someone as the result of the tragic 9/11 attack.

The war in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians is certainly based on the seemingly endless cycle of attack and revenge on both sides.

Where does it all stop?

Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

That means that if you want to see peace, you need to be peaceful.

If you want to see love, you need to be loving.

If you want to be free of resentment and feelings of begrudging toward someone who hurt you, you must let it go and forgive.

I don't mean you have to forget and go back into a bad relationship or situation. But I do mean you must be willing to let the feelings of grudging resentment go.

It has been said that holding a grudge against someone or feeling angry with them for a long period of time and wishing them ill is like "drinking poison and hoping the other person will get sick."

If you are harboring ill will toward anyone in your life...if you feel that you have been wronged, and you can't find it in your heart to forgive the offending party, I am only asking that you consider making this year the year you work on completing that relationship by forgiving and moving on.

This is an exciting New Year. We are going into an election cycle where we will be selecting our new President. Nationally that is significant for each of us.

But individually, what is even more important is that you recognize the cycle of completion that is upon you. 

2016 represents a fresh start for each of us. What will you do with your opportunity to start fresh?

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