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Pursue Your Passions First
Rev. Dr. Kitty Boitnott, NBCT, RScP
Heart-Centered Career Transition and Job Search Coach | Licensed Science of Mind Minister
This post is the third (and final) one in a three-part series about “wealth.” In the previous two posts, I wrote about when we think about  "wealth." It means things to different people.
Most people would agree that money should not be the most critical priority in our lives. Money is good to have, of course. It is essential to have money to pay for our basic needs and have a little left over for some of the niceties. But in the end, putting making money above everything else can lead to disappointment.

Some people consider money in their deliberations about what career to choose.


Businessman pressing money button

There is a problem with that approach; however, Putting money first may lead to a career choice that they don't like in the end. And even a lot of money won't compensate for being unhappy at work. 
People who are just working for their pay often feel constrained by their jobs. They go through the motions to get by on what they have to do. They live for the weekends. Their work feels meaningless to them.
Unfortunately, a Gallup study shows that 85% of the workforce worldwide feels this way about their work, including 70% of Americans. They report that they are either "disengaged" (uninterested) in their work or they are "actively disengaged" (they really hate their job).

Of course, sometimes it isn’t the job as much as it is the boss that people don’t like.


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Management can either make or break any company or organization. If you have a good manager—one that you like and respect who values you and your contributions—feel blessed. Management problems are the primary cause of discontent at work.
Consider in contrast the person who is lucky enough to get to do work that he or she is passionate about. These people are in the fortunate minority of workers. They feel like their work has meaning. They are leaving a legacy they can be proud of long after they are gone. They don’t consider what they do a “job.” It is a vocation. It's their passion.

Watch Out for These Toxic Feelings about Wealth


We live in a materialistic work. As I have mentioned before, there is a “keeping up with the Jones'’” thing that we sometimes fall prey to. Sam got a new car…now I want to get a new car, too. Sue got a new house. Now, I want to move to a newer, bigger, fancier house, also.
These are some of the thoughts or feelings you might have if you envy other people’s materialistic property.
I am not saying that we shouldn’t want to have a new car or a new house. You should have whatever it is you feel that you want and deserve. After all, you work hard, and these things are rewards for your efforts. What I am saying is that owning more stuff will not fill the hole in your soul that feeling good about your work will.


Some people tend to be bitter about other people’s success. Beyond being mildly envious, they are resentful of other people's success. The way to overcome this feeling is to make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything you have instead of thinking about what others have.
Gratitude for what you have should eclipse any envy or jealousy that you might feel about what others have. Keep a "Gratitude Journal" to remind yourself what you already have that you are happy about. Spend time each day reflecting on all the blessings you have. Focusing on what you already feel grateful for attracts more good things for which you will be grateful.


Another attitude that is capable of killing any chance of your feeling wealthy is apathy. Apathy is a silent killer. Apathy will make you not care enough about yourself or your life to grow personally or professionally. It will cause you to feel like you cannot make a difference, so why bother? It will eat away at you until you feel useless. You will feel stuck in place. Be sure to work on this feeling before it takes away your dreams and infringes on your future.

The Path to Pursuing Inner Peace


Find your inner peace

Inner peace is essential to finding your sense of feeling wealthy all the time. Inner peace in and of itself is a type of true wealth. When you have the experience of inner peace, you will navigate life’s toughest challenges with greater ease. Even when times are tough, you will feel as though you are going to be fine no matter what.
To find this kind of peace, look to your faith in your higher power. Also, look at your closest relationships. Faith is vital and will assist you even when people may sometimes fail you. Faith gives you hope. And hope keeps you moving forward.
Take a close look at your most exceptional qualities. These qualities hold the key to your life purpose. When you have found the purpose that you were born to pursue, it will be easier to remember your grounding when you feel like you have lost your way. Inner peace is one of life’s most significant sources of real wealth. When you have found it, take hold of it and never let go.

Finding True Wealth

love or money

When you have started on your path to finding real wealth, there will be changes that you may need to make. Don't rush them. These necessary changes will work their own way into your way of being.
Life is insistent on giving us ample opportunity to grow and change. If you refuse to learn a life lesson at first, you can be sure that you will receive the same lesson again and again until you get it. You will ultimately take a look at yourself and figure out what you need to change.
Know that this same thing is happening to everyone else as well. Don’t delay, even if you are afraid of change. If you do not wish to go through the same type of trial over and over again, choose to learn and grow. Otherwise, you risk becoming trapped in the same cycle that never ends.

Wealth is easily one of the most misunderstood words throughout time. 

It has often been used to symbolize status, money, and celebrity. Real wealth, however, is not measured by the size of your wallet or the brand of car you drive. It cannot be given, and it cannot be taken away. It can only be learned, grasped and grown into.

Wealth is also in your family members and treasured friendships.

Wealth is in the moments you share with your loved ones. It is held in the breaths you breathe as you walk through the sand on the beach on a misty morning. It is the memories of your childhood and of raising your own child and watching your grandchildren play. It is in the bear hugs and kisses you give and receive. It is in hearing (and saying) “I love you.”

Real wealth is in the simple things that you cannot buy. 

Remember the value of your special moments and the moments of your loved ones. You will treasure these things as long as you live. This is true wealth.
Moments that matter


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