do more of what makes you happy

What Makes You Happy?

Kitty Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT, RScP

Life is fleeting, and it is precious. I am reminded of that every day when I hear of the premature death of a young person on the news. What a loss! How tragic for the individual and their family and friends. It makes me feel helpless. It reminds me yet again that one has no assurances of anything other than the "now moment" that I am experiencing.
It is when we are in the midst of grief that we sometimes come to grips with the basic questions about life. Why are we here? What is the purpose of tragic events that seem so unnecessary? Is there some logic behind all this that we can't see?
My mother was a woman of deep religious faith. Yet she struggled with these questions her whole life. After my father died in his accident, she was angry for a long time at God for letting her down and at my dad for leaving her. She couldn't make sense of it. I am not sure that she ever came to terms with it while she was living.
I don't have any fundamental insights to offer except that I know one thing for sure. Our number one priority in life should be to be happy. Period. I have a feeling that if my mother were to visit me from the afterlife, she would tell me to avoid the mistake she made in wasting so much time and energy on being angry and wondering why things happen and just accept that sometimes bad things happen to good people. Be happy anyway.
Happiness is one of those emotions that we too often attach to certain situations. There are many mistaken and misguided myths about happiness. "I'll be happy when I lose 10 pounds." Or "I'll be happy when I get a new job." Or "I'll be happy when I am married (or single again)."
Putting off happiness is a zero-sum game, however. You should not put off being happy.  Be happy NOW. "Now," after all, is all you have any guarantee of experiencing.
So, are you happy? Are you working at a job that makes you happy and uses the best parts of you that you have to offer? Or are you working in a job that makes you feel used and used up?
I work with people who are often unhappy in their jobs or careers. The good news is that they recognize that they are unhappy, and they are ready to correct the situation.
I invite you to consider what it is that makes you happy, and whatever it is for you, do more of that. And if you are caught in a job that you no longer love (or never loved in the first place) start taking steps to correct that. Life is too short. Do more of what makes you happy.
So, now you may be thinking, well, that sounds good, but what if I don't know what it would take to make me happy?
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