Go with the flow

Sometimes All You Can Do is "Go with the Flow"

Kitty J. Boitnott, Ph.D., NBCT, RScP

Life Strategies & Stress Management Coach

For today's video message, click here. I video taped the message last Thursday. It is now Monday, May 4th, and you will be receiving this message on Tuesday, May 5th.

The update on my mom is that she had to have surgery Friday. There was finally no other option if she was going to get better. The surgeon worked on her for almost 5 hours. She went into surgery at around 7 Friday evening, and I talked to the surgeon at 12:20 Saturday morning.

I am writing this message from her bedside again. The good news is that she is stable and doing so well that it is hardly to be believed given all that she has been through. She is one determined little woman. She is determined to get well and get out of here, and given this moment in time, it looks like she will get her way unless we experience another unexpected turn.

I continue to "go with the flow" because I have little choice. I am not sure when--or if--things will get to "normal" for me. I am clear that I need to be here right now, though.

The lesson for the day remains the same...sometimes you just have to "go with the flow."  We kid ourselves when we think we have any real control...we just do the best we can and we "go with the flow" because we have little choice. Surrender. That has been a lesson in this experience with my mom. Just surrender and "go with the flow."

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