Gratitude is a key to happiness and is an attitude that warrants being embraced and practiced on a daily basis. We are reminded that we are surrounded by many blessings even in the midst of some of our most worrisome challenges. Long ago, I ran across this piece that I was so impressed with that I copied it. I am not certain where it came from or I would offer an attribution. I just know that it struck a cord with me. I hope you will find something in it that you find useful. It is my offering as this week's newsletter. Feel free to copy it and share it as you might see fit. ~ Kitty J. Boitnott

May I Be Blessed


May I be blessed with all things good.


May I be blessed with joys that, like the stars, are too numerous to count.


May I be blessed with more abundance than the grains of sands on all of the beaches.


May lack and struggle always be absent from my life.


May beauty, order, and abundance direct my life at all times.


May every chosen pathway be clear, filled with beauty and peace.

Let every doubt and fear be replaced with trust in Mother/Father God, my higher Power.


May the light at the core of my being be used to illuminate the world.


May I always be aware that I am loved beyond measure.


May I always feel protected and cradled in the arms of God, my Creator.


When tempted to judge others, may I remember that we are all ONE.


May I remember to give freely, knowing that giving is the path to receiving.


May there always be music, laughter, and joy in my every experience.


May my gladness ever wash away any disappointment.


May love easy every pain.


May each day be filled with more abundance, peace, and love than the day before.


May I remember to live abundantly, for it is my birthright as a beloved child of God, my Creator.


Kitty Boitnott
Boitnott Coaching, LLC

Glen Allen, VA 23060
United States of America