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05/14/2019 Do You Care Too Much About What Others Think About You?
05/07/2019 Pursue Your Passions First
04/30/2019 Why It's So Important to Be Grateful for Everything You Already Have in Your Life
04/30/2019 Why It's So Important to Appreciate What You Already Have
04/23/2019 Wealth...It Means More than Just Money
04/16/2019 Loneliness is a Growing Mental Health Crisis
04/09/2019 Create the Life You Want by Using Self-Reflection, Mindfulness, and Constructive Feedback
04/02/2019 Foods & Drinks That May Increase Anxiety
03/26/2019 Self-Help for Dealing with Your Day-to-Day Stress
03/19/2019 Setting Life Goals 101
03/12/2019 10 Ways To Develop Your Brain: How to Stay Young and Agile Well into Your "Senior Years"
03/05/2019 Are You Living a Life of Integrity? 6 Signs You May Be LIving an Inauthentic Life
02/26/2019 10 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Personal Growth and Development in Your Life: Learning to Live the Happy and Productive Life You Want and Deserve
02/19/2019 10 Must-Have Personal Development Goals to Help You Live a Life You Love
02/12/2019 Happy Valentine's Day a couple of days early (gifts attached)
02/05/2019 What is Mental Programming and How Can You Use it to Change Your Life for the Better Forever?
01/29/2019 Designing Your Life from the Inside Out: Key Considerations Offered by the Experts, Dale Evans and Bill Burnett
01/22/2019 Understand the Anatomy of Choices and How Your Life is Ultimately Built and Defined by the Life Choices You Make
01/15/2019 Five Key Reasons to Design the Life You Really Want: Recommendations for How to Find Joy and Happiness in Your Life Starting Now
01/08/2019 5 Actions That Could Make Your Life Better in the New Year: Stop Delaying and Start Living the Life You Want Now!
01/01/2019 Happy New Year! Is it time to think about a new job?
12/25/2018 Happy Holidays!
12/18/2018 The Power of Living in the Now: Suggestions on How to Enjoy the Present Moment and Not Dwell on the Past
12/11/2018 Get the Most Out of Your Life Right Now: 4 Tips on How to Live Your Best Life Starting Today
12/04/2018 Want Some More Stress Relief Strategies? 9 More Tips on How to Handle Everyday Stress All Throughout the Year--Including the Holidays
11/27/2018 7 Natural Ways To Reduce Stress: From Dark Chocolate to Laughter and Other Remedies
11/20/2018 What You Need to Understand About Stress:  The Good The Bad And The Ugly
11/13/2018 Choose Your Career, Entrepreneurial & Relationship Paths Based on Your Strengths: Live Your Best Life Now!
11/06/2018 How Much Do Your Weaknesses Matter? Learn How to Minimize Them While Maximizing Your Strengths for Success
11/06/2018 How Much Do Your Personal Weaknesses Matter? Learn How to Minimize Your Them While Maximizing Your Strengths for Success
10/30/2018 Play to Your Strengths: Make the Most of Your Talents and Live a Happy and Successful Life
10/23/2018 Find Your Strengths, Identify Your Weak Spots, And Choose Your Success in Life
10/16/2018 Can Being More Efficient Lower Stress?
10/09/2018 How to Avoid Social Media Overload: 7 Strategies to Help You Enjoy Social Media More and Stress Less
10/02/2018 Is Your Phone Causing You Stress? Here are Some Reasons to Believe It Is
09/25/2018 When You Know Your Life Will Never Be the Same
09/18/2018 Is it Possible to Reprogram Your Mind for Success? Yes, and Here are Some Ways to Do It
09/11/2018 Are you an Optimist, a Pessimist, or a Realist?
09/04/2018 Learn How to "Respond" As Opposed to "Reacting" to Criticism: A Critical Key to Success at Work and In Life
08/28/2018 Are You an Action Taker or a Procrastinator?
08/21/2018 Align Yourself With Your Purpose Through Meditation And Prayer
08/14/2018 Handling Stress at Work and Home
08/07/2018 How to Make the Most of Your Role Models and Those Who Inspire You
07/31/2018 7 Tips to Increase Positivity and Decrease Negativity
07/24/2018 Can Everyone Find Passion and Purpose in Life?
07/17/2018 Living in the Moment Makes You Happier
07/10/2018 Is Taking a Calculated Risk the Same Thing as Gambling?
07/04/2018 4th of July Sale! Save $300 until midnight tonight!
07/03/2018 Five Benefits of Developing Patience
06/26/2018 5 Steps to Find Your True Passion and Purpose in Life
06/19/2018 Making Money is Not the Only Purpose of Work - But of Course, it Helps
06/12/2018 Manage Your Stress by Facing It Head On
06/05/2018 Understanding the Different Stages of Sleep
05/29/2018 How Much Sleep Do You Need?
05/22/2018 3 Things to Consider Before Taking Sleep Pills to Improve Your Sleep
05/20/2018 I've updated my Privacy Policy and want you to know what's included
05/15/2018 Make Sleep a Priority
05/08/2018 6 Benefits of Living a Purposeful Life
05/01/2018 Stop Multitasking! It is Killing Your Focus!
04/24/2018 Taking Chances on a New Career
04/17/2018 3 Simple Steps to Reprogram Your Mind for Success
04/10/2018 "Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts." ~ Buddha
04/03/2018 Are You Holding Yourself Back Because of Limiting Beliefs?
03/27/2018 Surprising (Yet Really Not So Surprising) Time Management Secrets
03/20/2018 How Do You Know When It's Time to Change Your Career?
03/13/2018 Creating a Pattern of Success
03/06/2018 Seven Mantras to Increase Your Happiness
02/27/2018 Dealing with Stress
02/20/2018 How to Find Motivation to Achieve Your Goals
02/13/2018 Happy Valentine's Day (a Day Early with GIFTS!)
02/06/2018 Do You Love Your Work?
01/30/2018 What "BRULES" Do you Need to Break to Live Your Best Life?
01/23/2018 6 Steps to Making a Life-Changing Decision
01/16/2018 The Secret of Getting Ahead
01/09/2018 When You Get to See Someone Who Changed Your Life in Person
01/02/2018 5 Essential Elements of Well-being: Part 5 - Community
12/26/2017 5 Essential Elements of Well-being: Part 4 - Physical
12/19/2017 5 Essential Elements of Well-being: Part 3 - Financial
12/12/2017 5 Essential Elements of Well-being: Part 2 - Social
12/05/2017 5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing
11/28/2017 The Holiday Season Does Not Make Us Immune from Sadness
11/21/2017 Wishing You the Best Thanksgiving Ever
11/14/2017 "Failing to plan is planning to fail" ~ Benjamin Franklin
11/07/2017 It's the Most Wonderful--and Most Stressful--Time of the Year!
10/31/2017 What is Your Personal Brand? What is Your Professional Brand? Is it Time for a Change?
10/24/2017 5 Ways to Turn Setbacks into Success
10/17/2017 A Book Recommendation for You
10/10/2017 What are Your Priorities?
10/03/2017 My Favorite Time of Year
09/26/2017 Productivity Isn't Just About Being Busy and Getting More Stuff Done
09/19/2017 Why I Like Michael Hyatt's Free to Focus Program
09/12/2017 My $66 Milkshake
09/05/2017 Back to School... and the Final Stretch of 2017
08/29/2017 Please Consider Helping Out
08/22/2017 Make Time for What Matters
08/15/2017 Do We Have a Cosmic Purpose?
08/08/2017 What Is Your Story?
08/01/2017 Are You Letting Fear Drive You?
07/25/2017 Landing Your Dream Job: 3 Secrets You Need to Know
07/18/2017 Dog Days of Summer
07/11/2017 Gut Check
07/04/2017 The Story of a Successful Career Transition
06/27/2017 Work You Love
06/20/2017 What Makes You Happy?
06/13/2017 [Asking for Feedback with an Ethical Bribe] What Interests You?
06/06/2017 "If You Think You Can or Think You Can't, Either Way, You're Right" ~ Henry Ford
05/30/2017 Small Daily Changes Lead to Big Life Changes
05/23/2017 What is Your Dream Job?
05/16/2017 What Do You Have to Share?
05/09/2017 So, What Do You Do?
05/02/2017 What is Still in Your Mind?
04/25/2017 You are Invited to the "Step Into Your Sunshine" Summit
04/17/2017 How Well Are You Sleeping?
04/11/2017 Stress Management Tools for Teachers--Or Anyone Who is Feeling Stressed
04/04/2017 Countdown
03/28/2017 When Self-Promotion is Unselfish
03/21/2017 It's Time for Some Spring Cleaning
03/14/2017 You Are Never Going to "Feel Like It"
03/07/2017 Can Everyone Really Live Their Dream?
02/28/2017 Lessons from the Academy Awards 2017
02/21/2017 Has Your LinkedIn Use Interface Changed?
02/14/2017 Happy Valentine's Day!
02/07/2017 What is Cluttering Up Your Life?
01/31/2017 Your Future is Defined by What You Do Today
01/24/2017 When Life Gives You Lemons...
01/17/2017 Journey Vs. Destination
01/10/2017 Are You Dreaming Too Small?
01/03/2017 Happy 2017!
12/27/2016 On to the New Year!
12/20/2016 Seasons Greetings
12/13/2016 What Do You Want Your Life's Message to Be?
12/13/2016 What Do You Want Your Life's Message to Be?
12/06/2016 Holiday Stress is Just a Fact of Life for Many. What About YOU?
11/29/2016 Treasure Little Moments--They Become Lasting Memories
11/22/2016 Happy Thanksgiving
11/15/2016 Please Join Me for a Master Class on Stress Management- Enjoy Your Holidays More - November 28 at 7:00 PM EST
11/08/2016 Don't Forget to Vote Today
11/01/2016 Everyone Needs a Résumé That is Ready to Go on Short Notice--Do You?
10/25/2016 Are You Letting this Election Season Depress You?
10/18/2016 Top 10: Ways to Lead by Example
10/11/2016 Will You Join Me Tonight?
10/04/2016 Taking Time to Play
09/27/2016 Are You Happy?
09/20/2016 Get ready...I have something new for you!
09/13/2016 3 Things I Took Away from the Movie, Sully (with Tom Hanks)
09/06/2016 Storms Sometimes Come Into Our Lives
08/30/2016 Four Ways to Be Healthier--Starting Today!
08/23/2016 You Gotta Have a Plan
08/16/2016 You Have Unlimited Potential
08/09/2016 A True Story of One Job Hunter and Her Ultimate Success
08/02/2016 Back-to-School Stress Management for Teachers, Parents, and Students
07/26/2016 Who Needs Stress Management? You Do!
07/19/2016 Are You Feeling Stuck?
07/12/2016 Take Time for Self-Care with Essential Oil Sprays Created by a Teacher Entrpreneur
07/05/2016 With Freedom Comes Responsibility
06/28/2016 Encore Presentation
06/21/2016 5 Reasons You Need to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile
06/14/2016 Do You Need LinkedIn? Yes...Yes You Do, and Here is Why
06/07/2016 Feeling Overwhelmed? You are in Good Company
05/31/2016 Tenderness
05/24/2016 Gratitude
05/17/2016 3 Reasons People Fail to Take Action Even When They Should
05/10/2016 Graduations, Beginnings, and Endings
05/03/2016 Can You Be TOO Authentic?
04/26/2016 You Have Unlimited Potential
04/22/2016 Special Edition
04/19/2016 Charting Your Course
04/12/2016 Have You Set Your Priorities?
04/05/2016 Begin with the End in Mind...What Mark Do You Want to Leave on the World?
03/29/2016 Where Is YOUR Life Going?
03/22/2016 The Danger of Drifting
03/15/2016 I Have a Book Recommendation for You!
03/08/2016 Taking It to the Next Level
03/01/2016 Ideas Matter and Words Have Power
02/24/2016 Opportunity
02/23/2016 Opportunity
02/16/2016 # 1 Thing You Need to Know if You are Thinking About Changing Your Job or Career
02/09/2016 Are you or someone you know ready for a career makeover?
02/02/2016 Happy Groundhog Day! Do You Remember the Movie?
01/26/2016 Going the Extra Mile
01/19/2016 What a Difference a Day Can Make
01/12/2016 Staying Healthy in 2016
01/05/2016 New Year--Fresh Start!
12/29/2015 What Are YOUR Habits?
12/22/2015 Happy Holidays to You and Yours
12/15/2015 Tonight is the Night!
12/08/2015 It's the Happiest Time of the Year...Or Is It?
12/01/2015 Time to Think About Another Year Gone By
11/24/2015 An Early Happy Thanksgiving
11/17/2015 Do You Know What Your Social Brand Says About You?
11/10/2015 YOU are Building Your Brand
11/03/2015 An Encore Offer to Review Your LinkedIn Profile
10/28/2015 Are You Suffering from Job Burnout?
10/20/2015 Are You Giving Your True Value Away?
10/13/2015 Has Clutter Got You Feeling Stuck?
10/06/2015 Why You Should Be Careful What You Wish For
09/29/2015 Did You Listen to Pope Francis Last Week?
09/22/2015 What Would YOU Do if You were Brave?
09/15/2015 When Patience Pays Off
09/08/2015 When One Door Closes, Look for Another One to Open
09/01/2015 Are You Waiting to be Perfect?
08/25/2015 Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!!!
08/18/2015 Is Your LinkedIn Profile Ready for Prime Time?
08/11/2015 Would You Please Offer a Review of My Book?
08/04/2015 Mel Robbins and the 5-Second Rule (And It Has Nothing to do with Food on the Floor)
07/28/2015 Challenge Yourself to Grow and Improve Yourself
07/21/2015 An Encore Message on Leadership
07/14/2015 Did You Know That Your Smile Holds Hidden Power?
07/07/2015 Are You Waiting for Everything to Be Perfect Before You Let Yourself Be Happy?
06/30/2015 Self-Confidence: The "Secret Sauce" of Success
06/23/2015 Are You Aware of The Power of Your Thoughts?
06/16/2015 Are You Ready for Some Summer Fun?
06/09/2015 Serendipities Revisited: Are You Paying Attention to the Serendipities in YOUR Life?
06/02/2015 Living Authentically
05/19/2015 An Encore Message from March 10, 2015
05/12/2015 A "Happy Belated Mother's Day" Message
05/05/2015 Sometimes All You Can Do is "Go with the Flow"
04/28/2015 Choosing the Important Over the Urgent
04/21/2015 What Are YOUR Goals?
04/14/2015 April is Stress Awareness Month: Download Your Free Cheat Sheet Below!
04/07/2015 Spring is the Season for New Beginnings
03/31/2015 Sometimes All You Have to Do is Show Up
03/10/2015 Spring: A Time of Recommitment and Renewal
03/03/2015 Ups and Downs of Living--Or, Spring Must Be on Its Way
02/24/2015 Sometimes You Need to Say, "I'm Sorry"
02/17/2015 Are You Full of Limitations or Full of Possibilities?
02/10/2015 What is Your Brand?
01/20/2015 Extreme Self-Care: Set Healthy Boundaries
01/13/2015 Are You on Track for 2015?
01/06/2015 A Recap of the C.A.N. D.O. Method for Making Lasting Change in Your Life
12/30/2014 Set Your Intention and Make a Decision for 2015
12/23/2014 O = Outcome
12/16/2014 D = Demonstrate as in Demonstrate Your Willingness to Take Action and Follow Through in the "CAN DO" Method for Achieving Your Dreams
12/09/2014 N = Let NOTHING Stand in the Way Between You and Your Dream in the "CAN DO" Method
12/02/2014 A = "Activate" in the "C.A.N. D.O." Attitude
11/25/2014 C = "Create" in the "CAN DO" Method-or-CREATE the Life You Want!
11/18/2014 Did You Accomplish Your Goals for This Year?
11/11/2014 Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?
11/04/2014 Don't Forget to Vote Today
10/28/2014 Do You Have Someone You Need to Forgive?
10/21/2014 Autumn: A Time for Harvesting and a Time for Reflection
10/14/2014 New Online Class Starts Tonight? Are You Track to the Life of Your Dreams? If Not, Why Not?
10/07/2014 The Webinar on Visioning & Goal Setting that I am Hosting is TONIGHT!
09/23/2014 Five [5] Time Management Tips You Can Do to De-Stress Your Life
09/16/2014 Ray and Janay Rice and the Spotlight on Domestic Abuse
09/09/2014 Balance? What Balance?
09/02/2014 The Power of Gratitude
08/26/2014 Do You Have the Qualities of a Great Leader?
08/19/2014 Karma
08/12/2014 Starting
08/04/2014 Are You Sleep Deprived?
07/29/2014 Are You Addicted to Your Smart Phone?
07/22/2014 Life Mission: What is All the Hype?
07/15/2014 Are You Good At Delegating?
07/08/2014 How good are you at practicing self-care?
07/01/2014 New Experiences and Opportunities
06/24/2014 Live FREE Webinar Tonight
06/16/2014 $FIRSTNAME$, Are We Re-Defining Success?
06/10/2014 Please Join Me on Facebook
06/09/2014 What Are the Serendipities in Your Life Telling You?
06/02/2014 Time
05/26/2014 Finding Balance
05/19/2014 Are You a Multi-Tasker?
05/12/2014 Unplug, Tune In, And Relax into Your Surroundings
05/05/2014 Receiving is Just as Important as Giving
04/28/2014 You Get to Choose
04/21/2014 Do You Hide Your Light?
04/14/2014 It's Finally Spring--Time for Some Spring Cleaning
04/07/2014 The Art of Saying No and Setting Boundaries
03/31/2014 Treat Yourself at Least as Well as You Treat Others
03/24/2014 Good Advice from Oscar Night
03/17/2014 Stop
03/10/2014 Overwhelmed? You Are Not Alone
03/03/2014 The Fourth of The Four Agreements: Always Do Your Best
02/24/2014 The Third of the Four Agreements: Don't Make Assumptions
02/17/2014 The Second of the Four Agreements: Don't Take Anything Personally
02/10/2014 The First of the Four Agreements: Be Impeccable with Your Word
02/03/2014 An Introduction to the Four Agreements
01/21/2014 The Importance of Gratitude
01/14/2014 Six Stress Busting Tips, Continued--The Importance of Exercise
01/07/2014 Six Stress Busting Tips, Continued--The Practice of Daily Prayer or Mindful Meditation
12/31/2013 Six Stress Busting Tips, Continued--The Importance of Fun
12/24/2013 Six Stress Busting Tips, Continued - The Importance of Sleep
12/17/2013 Six Stress Busting Tips, Continued - The Importance of Good Nutrition
12/10/2013 Six Stress Busters for Balanced Living and Optimum Health
12/03/2013 How Well Do You Maintain Balance?
11/26/2013 Accessing the Power of Gratitude
11/19/2013 Top 10: Ways to Lead by Example